Purrfect Buddies June 18


We have made our services straightforward and purrfect for your cat(s).


With a service that allows for up to 2 visits a day we feel we can provide total care for your cat(s) whilst you are away.


Morning and/or Afternoon Cat Feeding Service

This is our standard cat feeding visit for up to 3 cats and includes litter scooping or changing, cleaning food & water bowls, adding fresh food and replenishing fresh water.


We will tidy any post that has arrived and are happy to open curtains if required.


You can book either a morning or an afternoon service or both.


 We will only accept bookings of at least one visit per day whilst you would like our services i.e. you cannot book a visit for every other day.  We feel this would not be in the cat's best interest, health or welfare.


In addition to the above we also offer the


'Purrfect Pamper' service

This is 20, 30 or 40 minutes of play, grooming, cuddles and company with an  Afternoon Cat Feeding Service included.


We are happy to use some of the time to feed other small animals, feed fish, water plants, draw curtains, set food timers, administer medications and if required hoover carpets.


Additional Services

You can add our garden watering service for pots & tubs to any of the above services.


We are happy to visit other small animals independently - please see our Small Animal Feeding Service* on our Prices page.



We are open 365 days a year.

The Christmas & New Year holidays get very busy so book early to avoid disappointment.



Booking is easy, just email or give us a call and we will arrange a registration meeting at your home (usually takes no more than half an hour) for us to answer any questions you may have, complete our simple form (so we have a thorough understanding of your cat's needs), take a key if you are happy to proceed and most importantly meet the gentleman or lady we'll be having the honour of looking after

(unless they have better things to do and are out and about!).


Should you have any queries, concerns or questions please just get in touch.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.





*  This does not include cage/hutch cleaning

Stuart & Caroline




Our priority is the wellbeing of your cat(s).

However, just as important is the security of your home. We do not draw attention to the fact that your property is unoccupied and that we are a cat feeding service. Our vehicles are not sign written and we do not wear a uniform. For your peace of mind we are DBS checked and have full insurance.



At the registration meeting, if you are happy to proceed we will take a spare set of keys.  Your keys will be coded and kept in a locked fireproof container.  There will be no reference to your name or address on the keys.


Good Housekeeping

To avoid any unwanted smells we always remove used food pouches/tins and dirty litter.



We pride ourselves on our communication.


You will receive an email report at the start and end of your booked visits to provide you with any information / feedback about your cat(s) and our visits.  We will also send a photo during one of our visits (assuming your cat is not too busy having fun outside with their mates!).



We appreciate that under certain circumstances you may need to cancel.  Our Terms & Conditions which we will go through at the registration meeting and you will sign, confirm our procedures in this instance, so there is no mis-understanding.


In an emergency

Our registration meeting includes completing a form with all your vet practice's information.  The T&Cs will authorise us to take your pet to your veterinary practice (or an alternative if yours is not available) if necessary and agree to treatment if appropriate.  We will always attempt to make contact with you on the emergency contact details you provide in the first instance.



Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us for more information.